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The pages in this family tree are set up as "family cards" that show information about a person and his or her spouse, their parents, their children, etc. Clicking on a surname in the Surname list will take you to a listing of all the people with that surname in the Index. From there, click any name to go to the family card for that person. Once there, clicking on the name of a parent or child will take you to the family cards for that parent or child.


On many family cards you will see small highlighted numbers by a record. They are connections to the source(s) for that record. For example: If you go to the family card for Freiderika Dorothea Renz you will see a small footnote number (11) following her birth information. If you want to know the source for that birth record, clicking on the number 11 will take you to it in the Sources list.

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