Are you a VanBuhler? There are still blanks in the charts, especially when it comes to recent members of the family. If you would like to contribute new information, contact information is below. It shouldn't take too much time and it will provide valuable information for others in the family, both now and in the future. Thanks to all who have done so already.

You can send me information in any form -- as a roughly drawn chart, as a list -- whatever. I will then put it into the genealogy program and the charts.

A note about privacy issues: Any information you provide to me will be kept in confidence in my genealogy database, and when adding any living persons to the web site, only names will be used. I don't put dates, etc. that might be misused by someone for "identity theft" or other such purposes. It's quite unlikely that anyone with such intentions would even visit the web site, but if they did they would not find the kind of information they need.

Send as much information as you have or as you feel comfortable sending. The information I'd like to have about family members is their full name, date and place of birth, date and place of marriage, date and place of death if deceased. If divorced, remarried, etc. then include those dates also. For wives always use the maiden name. Show who's related to who, and how, as far back in time as you can go, hopefully linking to someone already shown on the charts. (Be sure to check the charts on this site first to see what I already have). Just try to be as complete and accurate as possible. If you don't have all the information, that's OK (and not unusual); just send whatever you have. Also, if you see any mistakes in the information presented on this site, please let me know. It's best to include a way I can reach you if I have questions (your address, phone, or e-mail address).

If you have questions, comments, or have other information to convey, please write, call, or send e-mail. Thanks!


Ray VarnBuhler

5639 Blue Mountain Road

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Telephone: (209) 293-4169



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